"Any real change implies the breakup of the world as one has always known it, the loss of all that gave one identity, the end of safety". - JAMES BALDWIN

WHERE BRANCHES BREAK is a dynamic metaphor for the current state of the Black family in the United States. The Black family, in a larger sense, has many broken branches of people that are forgotten, incarcerated, dead or have left regions looking for better opportunity. This film follows Abraham, named after the biblical father who was willing to sacrifice his son Issac for God. In our current story, Abraham is a homeless convict who is disconnected from his family by spending decades in jail. After stealing an Uber, Abraham becomes a driver who picking up passengers with bad intentions. Abraham soon picks up Issac and through a conversation of connecting the dots, Issac is told they may be related. Are they related? Is Abraham willing to sacrifice his son for his God of Survival? Through years of migrating out of the South, Black people are keenly aware that they have relatives they have never met or heard of. Abraham, is not just a criminal, he is a complex man with an understanding of history and his own need to be opportunistic on those that are most vulnerable. Us. With every broken branch, the cycle continues.

Here is an interview with director, Sev DeMy, on the Picture Lock Show with Kevin Sampson:

Another short motion picture by Sev DeMy: DOO DOO'S REVENGE (2015)(20 min)